Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bit of colour

Seeing as we're moving onto texturing our first assets soon and I've been appointed the "colour guy" I thought I'd work out a colour palette for us to follow. The asylum is a derilict, abbandonned environment; a most unwelcoming place so first and foremost we need to ensure the colours reflect this. I was thinking we could range between blues and greens, with blue remaining the primary colour. We can also verge into muddy browns and dull oranges for metal work that may have rusted. However, this isn't to say that we need to stick to these colours religiously; materials like wood is primarily brown so instead of completely swapping out the colour for a shade of blue we can just add a hint of either green or blue. Underneath are the inital paintings I made which should only really be used as a concept as such; not so much a reference. It was more intended as a mood study. However, they're hopefully still of some use.

Underneath are some slightly more literal studies where I've taken photographs of various surfaces, not disimilar to the textures we will surely be producing, and tweaked in photoshop. Hopefully these might prove more helpful when it comes to producing our own textures.  

So when producing our own textures it isn't necesarry to completely wash out the colours or alter them completely. As long as they give off a hue that is somewhat coherrent with our pallette it will ensure that our assets work along side eachother. The fact that our work will inevitably look different from one-anothers means this should also help making our finished assets look as if they belong in the same world. Underneath I've placed a few colour swatches together to help give a better idea of the colours we should use:
The top four sets of colours should make use for the majority of or environmental assets including the walls and floors. However I figured the webs for the spiders should be more stark and stand out against the backgroud. The bottom left colours could be used for webbing and any eggs attatched to them. However I believe we can use RED to draw the players eye towards certain places. This colour should be used very sparringly however; I would reccomend using it on maybe the spiders' eyes and some of the smaller assets on the wall. Only use this colour if it serves a purpose though. You don't want to draw the players eye towards something that has little purpose.  

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