Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines

So its been a while again since my last update, luckily thats because we have all been hard at work.
As team leader I have set a few deadlines in the up and coming weeks. I have been setting deadlines throughout however I feel perhaps I have been to soft before.
My main focus now is to get zones compeleted. I should have stuck to my original plan and not have let my judgement be clouded. The next deadline is for tomorrow I want all assests for zones 1 and 2 textured and ready to import by the end of 22/03/2013. If this is done we should be back on target.
I have also re-structured the way our meetings go about now; as I feel before they were too hap-hazard and certain members were prone to side tracking/railroading the meetings. Now each member must take it in turns tell the group 1.what they have done since the last meeting, 2. they hit the deadline (if not why and how they plan to fix it) 3. What they will be doing in the lab session that day 4. What they have to do for their next deadline.
I find that I have a much better insight now as to how each member works and what pace they are working too. I have flagged those who are lagging in pace and offered help and tutorials.
My main huge deadline is 31/03/2013. Some may feel that this is harsh but I feel like its begining to drag now and I'm a little fed up of the excuses. This deadline is set in stone and gives us five weeks to tweak and make our spiders.
My plan is to have 2 people working on the spider whilst the other 3 fix problems and improve things. Nikita as always will be working with the engine level.
There not much to say about whats going on right now as people are just completing their asigned assests ready for engine. If all goes to plan we have five weeks to fiddle with stuff and build the spider. fingers crossed.

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