Friday, 22 March 2013

Web Progress

I've been working on the textures for the webs. I figured out how to make brushes from some pictures that I took a while back.
Some of the pictures I used are of webs, others are of some weird dead climbing plants that I thought worked pretty well. All the pictures used to create the brushes are mine.
Heres some example pictures.


I made 5 different textures, all but the 1st are tileable.
I tried to make 2 layers of details, the background is kinda complicated and overworked but meant to be like that to make the web look dense. The top layer has stronger looking strands of webbing.

Heres an example of the textures.

I'm going to upload all the textures onto drop box tonight. I'm also going to try uploading the brushes I've made so that other people can use them to add to their own textures to carry on the webbing theme. Hopefully everyone will find them useful.

I quickly put the textures onto a few models to see how they look. Heres some quick screen shots of that. I tried to make some darker/lighter to mix it up abit.

Hope peeps like them.

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