Tuesday, 7 May 2013

After Easter

The past couple of weeks have flown by and a lot of progress has been made, not everything has gone according to plan but it would have been foolish to think it would have. The majority of team members have been working really hard, so hard in fact that no one has updated this blog. The week we got back from the Easter holidays we had a catch up presentation in front of two VIP's from Lockwood Studios http://www.lockwoodpublishing.com/ .
I think it went well as the feedback was either good or neutral. Many people seemed excited about our level which was great but adds even more pressure. One thing that was said is that we need to pull the level together and finish of bits and bobs. This matched my own feelings as I felt that over Easter we had lost communication therefore we needed to regroup and each learn what we needed to do for the next week. This is exactly what happened and everyone seemed on board. After this meeting the team had until the end of the week to finish all of there assigned assets on the sheet.

This wasn't a massive issue for most but I feel that some people dragged it out for various reasons.

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