Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My development throughout the project - Atrium

Hey y'all :)

As for me, James Oakes, Jen Betts, our main focus were to create the assets for the level, at this point we were assigned to create assets for the Atrium.

At the start of the project I was making small mistakes which initially I wasn't concerned about  not seeing it as a priority. I soon learnt that, it was a must, when check-listing it, making it 'engine ready'.

Such minor things like;
Centering the coordinates to 0,0,0
Re-seting Xform
Pivot points

So to my assets, the first asset was a crutch that I decided would be relevant to have for our level. Since our timeline was in the 1950's I went for a traditional crutch, which were all wooden, so gathering textures for that wasn't much of a problem and by doing so, I took into consideration the flow of the wood grain, where the direction should properly be place as well as natural degrading.


I decided to create another version of crutches, with a mix of wood and metal. I thought it would be better to have another variation than just one repeating asset everywhere. I do quite like the design of this crutch, with a mix of materials that I had fun when texturing. With each asset I was learning new approaches and techniques to texturing.


The infamous door, but  these were used for the Atrium to the Ward. They are okay, probably not the best texture in one way, maybe? But what I learnt  when texturing was creating those cracks in the doors giving off that damage illusion. I would probably build more geometry next time, if I created another door, relying on textures and the normal maps, although sometimes this doesn't turn out how you would like it to be. Yet I know I have still got a lot to improve upon and learn :)


We needed lights for the corridors and areas around the level., so I created these small wall lights, with plastic damage to show some degrade over the years. I realised that back then, they used metal for the shell of the lights, so I kept with that, again I learnt a lot when modelling  even a simple asset such as this, just by being efficient.


This light was used for the wards and atrium. I decided to go with another wall light and keeping it traditional by having it all metal. For texturing, I was trying to give a sense of damage, scratched paint and rust. I believe I should have give the light some design/ detail but then again, it is just a simple light for the walls.

I discovered a lot when unwrapping round objects like these, from using different projection in the uvw_unwrap modifier in 3D max, as well as peel, relax, breaking and stitching the UV's a lot more, for which my unwrapping understanding of working it out and placement, has improved.

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