Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Spider

Since coming back from the Easter break I have been working on the spider. Given it was such a large asset I was worried there might not be enough time to get it modeled, unwrapped, textured, rigged and animated. So I've pretty much been working flat out over the last few weeks to get it done.

I started out by working on the concepts in more detail, some of the concepts have already been put up by Meg. I started by modeling in Max first and got quite abit of the head done but was advised it would be better to use Zbrush instead.

So I started it again in Zbrush. I did the head first while Meg started on the body.

Once I finished sculpting the head I made a base model of the leg in Max, then imported it into Zbrush to add details.

I retopologized all the models in Max after I'd finished the sculpts in Zbrush. We had some issues deciding on what the tri budget could be, so I ended up retopoligizing more than once.

Before I started unwrapping the models I did some quick colour concepts to help visualize what the spider might look like.

I then unwrapped the head while Meg unwrapped the body and the leg. Once everything was unwrapped we were able to start on the textures. All the textures were hand painted from scratch using the colour scheme we had selected. We checked the model throughout texturing to make sure it looked suitable and the colours worked well.

Once all the separate sections were completed we put everything together in Max and Megan was able to start working on rigging the spider and animating it.

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