Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Following the visit to the queens building last week, I did a paintover of one of the rooms. We discussed turning the long room to the left of the entrance into either a ward or a mess hall, so I looked up some references of old hospitals and asylum wards.

I used one of the photos I had taken to show what the room would look like as a ward and tried to work out what it would look like without the electrical lighting.

I also looked into some possible assets that would fit into the 50s asylum theme. Looking through Google images reminds me how much asylums creep me out if I think about it too much.
I'm wary that some of this may be more hospital-related than asylum-related, but there's some things that work for both, such as the metal-framed beds, the curtains and the wheelchairs.

Going to bring attention to the translucent hospital windows - I think these definitely need to be included, they're awesomely creepy.

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