Thursday, 14 February 2013


A whitebox for the project. CryEngine in some aspects is much better than UDK, but some are making me lose my mind. It is much easier to use the actual file folder structure instead of weird packages, but the fact that it uses weird file formats that requires special plugins for 3ds Max and Photoshop pretty much spoils the advantage. Another good thing that I liked is the fact that I don't have to create lightmaps, and everything looks great directly after import. Big improvement over the pre-baked static lightmaps. However, as I already mentioned, weird file setup that is required for the meshes to be imported is a big spoonful of tar in the jar of honey. Also, a couple of issues I have so far - apparently previews in SDKs material editor don't work with Aero theme in Windows. I have to switch to classic theme whenever I work. There are some issues with updating of assets. I've spent 3 hours yesterday trying to figure out why my collision doesn't correspond to the new version. Turns out CryEngine didn't want to refresh it, so everything worked only after restart of the editor. Same issue with the scaling of the model.

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