Monday, 18 February 2013

Queens Building Update

On our first week I did some mood-boards from the pictures of the Queens building.
I wanted to get an understanding of little visual details of the images I took and highlight certain things that gives some interest for example on doors or windows; boarders, handles, locks, windows, keyhole, signs and the material.

and other suggestive details to take note of like power boxes, lights, pipes, signs, furniture and many more. For now these mood-boards can be of good use, for which it can give us indication of what to have in our level and thus changing it to suit our theme/ style.

Here is some paint-overs, mainly just learning, understanding different methods and techniques from using references and paint brushes.

I kept it simple for now, just focus on the webbing and dark gloominess, throwing in some spider eggs, organic forms, run down look.

Were aiming for an 50s style abandon asylum. 
I resized these down to capture the detail a lot more. Just experimenting with different ideas.

This one was much stronger piece, Luke gave the idea of a funnel spider web, that I was trying to capture it. Then I thought to add the spider eggs, organics forms around the scene.

I've done these in grey scale for now because it seems much better to get a Matte painting result but I will make colour version later on.

Here are some more Paint-overs, This is one of the locations from our walk-through, I was trying to convey and visually express in the first image, a run-down, destroyed environment, with bricks, ceiling, rubble everywhere that I only subtly show our main theme objective "spider webs",

Second image is the Hall-way, near the beginning  I changed the floor to a broken/ wooden boards, added few windows, rusty paint scabbing texture, cobwebs and others. Hopefully it does some justice and help us further our ideas.

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