Friday, 15 February 2013

Recent meetings and decisions made

Since my last post the group has had two meetings. The first of these (12/02/2013)  we made some rather important decisions such as picking our final concept.
   Each member of the group was given the opportunity to put forward ideas most of which did. I was impressed with everyone's ideas and the commitment they had put in. But as a group we all agreed there was one that stood out from the rest and seemed to have the most potential. Luke Evans idea was everyone's favourite as it was original, had  many possibilities and an overall theme we could reflect on the environment and assets. One of the good things about Luke's ideas was the fact it could be easily mixed with another re-occurring idea throughout the group. 

   The decision was reached quickly which meant that the rest of the meeting was spent visualising the chosen idea on location. We went back to the Queens building and began planning what we would need to do. We found a main focal point that we want to work on and started to build out from there. By the end of our meeting we had planned what rooms we wanted to do, what would be in each and the priority in which they would be completed. We had also came up for a route in which we would want the rooms to be seen in a fly through or play through. This was important for us a we believed it created suspense and some form of story telling At first we were slightly over ambitious. However I manged to reel it back in which is a shame in one way as we were all excited but I think it is very important to remember the amount of time we have been set and keep our aims realistic. 

   At the end of this meeting I asked everyone to take Luke's idea on board and come up with some of their own artwork and paint overs to help visualise the whole scene. Exempt was Nikita whom I asked to begin a white box of the scene as i knew we would have enough artwork and I wanted Nikita to get a head start in using the engine so he could later pass on his knowledge to us. I have tried to structure the project in a way that people can play to their strengths but also learn new skills or/and pass on their skills to others. I think peer to peer learning is very effective as not only does it pass on skills but it also reconfirms peoples own abilities. 

The next meeting (14/02/2013) was a bit shorter than the last as there was less important decisions to be made. Everyone attended this session and work from the previous sessions was shown. I was personally very impressed with everyone's work and enthusiasm. 

Nikita showed us the white box which was very comprehensive, he had spent a lot of tie getting things as close as possible to the real scale. It was great to see things coming together. Some of the artwork was particularly promising too.

However we did spend most of this session planning for our presentation next Tuesday (19/02/2013). We based our presentation on Luke's idea presentation on order to stay close to his vision and added the necessary details to make it relevant. Unfortunately our meeting was cut a little bit short by a presentation in the labs.  however I did begin to assign parts of the presentation to willing members. I am conscious that not all members want to speak however I am encouraging them to do at least a slide each as it will improve their presentation skills for the future. I have asked everyone to plan or have a think on what the want to say in the presentation for the next meeting (18/02/2013). During that meeting I am hoping to get together and structure what us to be said and have a few run-throughs in pratice for the next day.


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