Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Team Intro

Righto, this is the first official blog post from "Team 6" (might as well be called untitled group for now).

Our group consists of 

Me - Megan Rice
James Oakes 
James Farrell 
Jen Betts 
Luke Evans 
Nikita Olhovskis

During our fist meeting (today) we have came to the mutual decision that we want to do the Queens Building project. We came to this decision because of the following factors

  • The amount of first hand reference available 
  • We can get started straight away 
  • Many of us are familiar with the style which we have to work to 
  • We feel that the buiding is both interesting and challenging enough to build a rich environment from without over exerting ourselves.
 Accordng to the brief we must create a survival horror level from the Queens Building on our university campus. It is to be in the style of the very popular Resident Evil series but may contain other elements. This brief is strange to us as there is no texture or tri budget the only constraint is to have a fully textured and lit version of our level running at least 25 hertz (25 frames per second). This isn't something we have encountered as a group so it should be interesting. We have the option to use either the CryEngine or UDK. The team have decided on CryEngine for now as we all believe it will be a good experience to learn it.

Vague roles have been established at the moment they are as follows

Me - Team Leader
Nikita - Engine Expert
 and for now everyone else is "artists"

I am hoping to get the rest of the roles sorted by the end of the week. Although people will have roles they will all be expected to contribute to every stage of the production pipeline. For now I will be taking care of the blog until I have the information needed to add other admins. When this has happened everyone will be regularly updating with progress on their work.

Our next meeting is tomorrow at 12pm. We are going on location to take reference photographs and to get an idea of what levels of the building we would like to do. I am hoping we will find a possible focal point to bulid out from. I also want to take a look at the overall structure of the building as my memory of it is a bit vague. From the photographs taken I will be hoping each member will be inspired to create some mood boards and draft some initial sketches or ideas. When this is done we can come together and bonce some ideas around. 


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