Friday, 8 February 2013

Queens meeting and exploration

Well I must admit the Queens building is a lot more expansive and bizarre than I had originally anticipated. I was really pleased and was glad to hear that the team were fulled with ideas after the visit, myself included. I'm really glad this is our teams project now I really feel that we could do something impressive and rich. 

Everyone took their cameras and seemed to get lots of reference which is good. At this stage I want people to be concentrating on visuals so its not a massive problem at the moment if the pictures are consistently lit etc. (after all it is just across the road) ;at the moment I want the team focusing on producing some high impact visuals to wow people in our presentation on the 19th. I'm also hoping to spot good potential ideas early on so we can nail a strong concept asap.
I have asked everyone to start what I discussed in the last post which was to gather some mood boards, initial sketches/ideas and digi thumbnails if they wished to go all out and add colours. I would recommend this as colour is a strong communicator and I feel other members of the team may catch onto the idea faster if they could visualise the colours and lighting. 
Talking of other members they have been invited to become members and admins of the blog so I hope we will be seeing their updates shortly. 
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12th February as I wanted to give the team chance to capture the visuals needed and a chance to catch up on some outstanding Visual Design work. 
I am expecting certain members to be absent on Tuesday so I have arranged to meet them separately on the Monday so that their view may be represented on Tuesday. 

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